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 Loctician Service, Supplies & Accessories 

You want to change it up a little and style your hair? Well let's do something different that is eye catching. There are plenty of different styles you can choose from or we can come up with something unique for you. Depending on the length and style, prices differ. Remember everyone has different hair texture and different size parts. Also, if your hair is damaged your hair will take a couple of consistent sessions to achieve its potential.  We will definitely achieve a new look for you that you'll love.....

You already have locs and need them

re-twisted. Well you have come to the right person. I will have your new growth looking fresh and clean with detailed parts. Everyone's hair texture is different. No one's hair will look the same. Palm roll technique or crochet tool is used with oil and natural gel products to re-twist hair,,,,,, 


** (NO INTERLOCING! Please don't switch back and forth! Decide which path you would like to take). **

You want to finally loc up your hair. Well welcome to the other side. Coil method is used when starting locs. Oil and Natural Gel products are used to help loc hair. Remember everyone's hair is different, depending on your hair texture and length it can take 3-5hrs for the starter loc process and 8-12 months for your hair to loc up. There are a few different ways to get started.......

(depending on texture of your hair you may need Instant locs).

* Random Parts

* Square Parts

* Dimond Parts


Starter Locs

Instant Locs 

Major Loc Repair

Loc Extension 


Do you have locs that are damaged, missing or falling out? Well, let me help you get your locs back like they never left. Locs are fixed with a tool, not rubber bands or thread. Some new locs can be made with REAL human hair and  added to the locs to give it volume. Locs are permanent and you will not notice the added hair but you will see a beautiful difference. Your locs will be fixed like nothing ever happened......

You want locs right away and cant wait any longer.?  Well, try instant locs to instantly loc your hair. Your hair will be locked with a tool then re-twisted with oil and natural loc gel and finally styled. This process can take 6 - 9 hours rather then 8-12 months but is well worth it if you're ready to rock your locs NOW.....

You want your Locs longer and can't wait for them to grow, try permanent loc extensions?  Real Human Afro hair is made into locs and is added to the ends of  your hair. Loc extensions are best done on starter locs or fairly new locs. Loc extensions blend with the hair and grow with the hair. No one will  be able to tell......  (Only Natural hair color no dying)


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