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How to maintain your Locs?

You have locs and don't know how to take care of them .....

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You don't normally do your own locs but you need help....

How often do I need to do my hair:

Recommended to:
  • Re-twist every 2-3 months
  • Wash about every 2 months 
  • Wash when its dirty/sweaty/ itchy & after swimming
  • Detox when you have build up

You should not wash your locs every day. Washing your locs too often will strip the hair of its natural oils and nutrients. Do not re-twist hair too often. You need to give your hair time to breathe and grow. Getting too many re-twist can break off or thin your locs. If your hair is itchy, that does not always mean you need to wash it (use itch spray). Your hair may be growing or scalp may need oil. Re-twist and wash about every 1- 2 months (Recommended by online sources, Leaf Tv article by Sampson Quain, Chekidredi, Curlynugrowth by Jocelyn Reneé , and by personal experience of 6 years with my own hair and doing others hair).

What hair products should

I use:  

Natural Hair
  • Every day hair care- Use oils like Castrol Oil, Tea tree oil
  • Washing locs- Shampoo 
  • Detox- apple cider vinegar shampoo, hot water
  • Retwisting hair- non flaking gel or no gel, water, oil
  • Styling Hair-foam base shine

There are different products you can use or try. Its best to use natural products and stay away from products that will strip oils from hair. Some recommended products come from amazon where you can review others ratings on products and they give you their full opinion. Also some YouTube videos may be helpful.

How do I Wash My Locs: 

Not every one knows there are special ways to wash our locs....

  • Wash locs every 2 months or as needed if itchy/sweaty  
  • When washing locs scrub roots and squeeze locs, so soap can get in between locs
  • Wash hair 3x or more in one setting 
  • Detox: wash/use product with apple vinegar and hot water let hair sit for 30mins to 1hr
  • Drying locs: squeeze locs. Dry locs with a t-shirt/towel

Here are some links to show you how to properly wash your locs.


How to retwist My Locs: 

  • Make sure hair is clean, dry or damp locs is best
  • Apply oil on the scalp (Castrol, Coconut, Aloe, Tea Tree oil, etc.)
  • Apply loc gel to the roots of the hair and comb gel through new growth
  • Grab each loc by the roots and twist hair clock wise until no more
  • Apply Gel to the rest of the loc and twist clock wise to help get rid of frizz 
  • Use alligator clips to put on the root after each twist to help hold twist with gel (Not required to use clips)
  • Use a dryer to help dry gel and make twist more firm and hold hair together.  (Not required to use dryer )

Different ways I style My Locs: 

There are so many different ways to style your hair. You can look like a new person every time.

IMG_20200522_163356 (1).jpg

There are different websites where you can find new hair styles. Here are some sites:

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Facebook 

  • Google​

Screenshot (10).png

In Conclusion 

Don't feel like you need to go to the shop all the time. You can do your own hair for a lot cheaper. Some shops have shut down and it's hard to get an appointment. You just need a few of these simple tips to help you along the way and some recommended products to use. You don't need to be a loctician to do your own hair. You got this! You can do your own hair!

How I Started My Mobile Loc Service

Loc Styles No BG.png

Need to make some extra cash while in school find a hobby/ trait your good in....???

What made me start my own Business:

People would constantly stop and ask who did my hair and if I could do theirs. Family and friends constantly asked, after saying, "Noooo" so many times I gave in and stated doing their hair.  After 4 years I realized I was as good as people said I was. I then needed some extra cash, so I started charging. While in school I had 2 kids to care for and didn't have every thing I needed for them. So, I decided to do hair on the weekend. I was in school full time during the week, and still working 2 part time jobs. I decided to make it mobile, to avoid working in a shop or competing with other stylist. I also chose to go to others home to make it convenient and comfortable for them. so they can sit at home, instead of sitting in the shop for hours. There's nothing like being uncomfortable for 4-8 hrs around a lot of people you don't know.  ----Febuary 2018

What Business Am I in:

  • Natural Hair Styling

  • Dread loc maintenance 

  • Hair Products

  • Hair accessories 

  • Mobile service

I cater to individuals that want to maintain their locs. I re-twist, style and help take care of them. I offer a mobile service where I come to your home and do your hair so you feel like you are being pampered! I also plan to sell hair products and hair accessories in the near future.

How did I get started:

  • I researched to see if I needed a license to receive money for what I do (styling natural hair is legal in some states, as long as no chemicals are used on clients)

  • Practiced more and took pictures (how will others see all my other work)

  • Put ads on Instagram and Facebook

  • Made business cards to pass out 

  • Researched how to take care of locs

  • Bought products online and from the store

  • Watched and read reviews on products/Dos and Dont's

How has my business been in the past 2 years since I started:

Business has been great and I'm in love with my new business. When I started I didn't think people would let me do their hair. I was new to the business and didn't have any experience. I put my self out there, started posting pictures, advertising my mobile business, and providing $10 to clients for referring others to me.

I have gotten so much traffic and new clients since I started two years ago. I now have a waiting list. I also constantly get told by new clients that they don't plan on going back to their old loctican, because they love my work and my service.

Prices have gone up to meet demand, inflation, and because I go above and beyond for my clients. Some are sad that prices have increased. Some have said that I am priced well below others, based on the value and quality of my work. I am grateful that none of my clients have refused my new prices, as they have all been supportive of me, respect my work and time.

I love that I can set my own schedule and go on vacation with my family when ever I want. I am enjoying my new business. It originally was a side gig to get some extra cash but it turned into a real business and primary source of income. My income is higher than all jobs I have ever had. I really enjoy being an entrepreneur ----- March 2020 

Where do I see my Business in the future:

My company is unique because I'm mobile. Covid-19 caused lots of shops to shut down temporarily or close permanently. This gave me an advantage over every one in the salon business. People need me, they are looking for me. People will be comfortable staying home, being pampered rather than going to a shop...More business for me!

Business has increased since Covid-19. I see great things in my future. Not too many will want to go back to the shop after this is over. I have learned a lot of new things when it comes to maintaining locs, rather than just re-twisting and styling. I have added a lot of new services to my business, to increase my business equity and change my life style. I just see my business moving up even more from here. -------November 2020


Find a hobby or trade and have fun with it, you never know what it can turn into! Some trades can probably make us money and change our life. Don't be afraid to go out there and try something, especially if every one else sees your true talent. Go for it and don't stop. The Sky is the limit. I planned to fully launch my company after graduating in 2020, to show people you can do it, even in the midst of a crazy situation like Covid-19. You can make it out on top, I did!

You only live once

Don't let life defeat you

Defeat it

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